This weeks box contents

Hello veggie connoisseurs!

Another bountiful week at Crooked Goat.  We've included some photos of this week's harvest.

The beets (and chard) are doing extremely well so we have more in this week's box.  We'll include a recipe shortly on pickling beets which are one of my daughter's favourites.  We've used chard/beet greens in place of spinach in Spanikopita.

We also have a few scallions, Red Russian Kale, 2 new entries which are Stupice (Stu - Pee - Chee) tomatoes and kohlrabi.  There's 2 lettuces, a red butterhead, a green romaine, cukes, cherry tomatoes, yellow zucchini and patty pan squash.  Here's a link to a kohlrabi recipe Very Green Salad With Herb Vinaigrette.  

New Newsletters

We are still getting used to our new Harvest Hand platform and have discovered that we can send a newsletter to all of you via email in the event you do not access Facebook or our Harvest Hand website where all of our information is posted.  


We have hit the 5 week mark and we are always looking to improve.  We would love to hear your feedback regarding the boxes, be it variety, quantities, flavour, or what ever is on your mind.  We thank you for your support.