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In The Box This Week

Posted on by Jillian Sturm

Hello veggie lovers

We hope everyone is happy with their boxes. You're feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. There's lots of tasty stuff coming up and new veggies ready this week. We're getting to the best part of the season. This weeks box is pretty exciting. I also want to let everyone know that we'll be at the White Rock Farmers Market on Sunday. Please come by and say hi.

Onto this weeks box. We have cherry tomatoes! These were my niece's favourite vegetable last year. We also threw in a little basil (Fawlty?). Also in the box are a mix of gold and red beets. The tops can be cooked like spinach. The bottoms can be steamed, boiled, roasted, or made into soup, or shredded in salad. Super versatile they are. I love to eat them steamed then topped with a little butter and pepper. OK, a lot of butter. : )

There was quite a bit of Rainbow Swiss Chard so that's included this week. Same family as the beet and they can be cooked like beet greens. The Black kale was also ready so there's a little of that as well.

Our squash plants are doing very well. There's both zucchini and a yellow scallopini type (aka patty pan) this week. Like my friends the beets, you can do almost anything with them. Patty pans are awesome stuffed. Finally for our salad lovers there's romaine and red loose leaf lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers.

Thank you all again for your support.

Frank and Jillian

Week Two's Box Contents

Posted on by Jillian Sturm

Hello everyone and happy Father's Day.

We had a very successful first harvest and box weekend.  Unfortunately we had anticipated that we would have some rhubarb but much of it was not marketable by our standards so we opted to not include it.  We will again have some greens and lettuces next week.  We will also have a stir fry blend of Asian greens and the Pac Choi should be ready for harvest. 

We will be at the White Rock Farmer's Market next Sunday June 28th between 10 and 2.  Please let us know in advance if you'd like to get your veggie box there.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful week.  Thank you again for your support and we will see you next weekend.


This Week's Box

Posted on by Jillian Sturm

Hello everyone.

For Saturday's West Vancouver pick up, the exact address is 140 Ikwikws Rd.  

If you didn't see the Facebook post, this week's box has mixed baby greens (red and green oak leaf, kale, romaine, beet greens, 4 chards), kale, radishes, Japanese turnip, and snap peas.