Crooked Goat Garden / Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement


Our commitment to you:

  • Crooked Goat Garden is committed to the Japanese principle of Kaizen or Change for Better. The idea of constant and never ending improvement is applied to our farming methods from the crew to our subscribers so we can make things better, more efficient, and minimise waste.

  • Crooked Goat focuses on constantly improving our soil structure so our veggies are hopefully the tastiest and most nutritious you have ever enjoyed

  • We will provide a consistent supply of a variety of veggies throughout the 16 week Summer season.

  • We will only use sustainable farming practices that meet or exceed the BC Organic Standard

  • We will provide a list of what veggies will be available in the following week so you may plan your meals in advance

  • We will send tips on how to store or preserve excess veggies you didn't devour

By purchasing your subscription you agree to:

  • Ensure your share is picked up at the location you have selected within the noted times

  • Commit to the entire 16 week season

  • Keeping your account in good standing

  • Regularly review our Harvest Hand website, Facebook site, or emails for important updates

  • Advising us of any changes to your email or phone contact information

  • Being open about trying new things – We'll send recipes to help

  • To share your feedback, both good and bad, so we may work towards making every season better

  • Pat yourself on the back for participating in making our environment and local food system healthier and better


As a subscriber to Crooked Goat Garden you understand that there are no refunds. It is up to you to find someone to take over your commitment to the farm if you decide to stop your share for any reason. We can help find a family in need if you wish to donate the rest of your share.

Emailing Subscribers

We will send information to subscriber's email address.  By subscribing to a share, you agree that we have the OK to send you email communications. We will not share your information with anyone and we will try to minimize the number of emails we send.

We thank you for your generous support of local farms, local food, and your local economy.