Crooked Goat Garden / Crooked Goat Garden

About Us

Crooked Goat is a market garden with a CSA program situated on 5 acres in Abbotsford, B.C. 

We grow a variety of field vegetables, greens, herbs, fruit, and some flowers using a combination of Organic and Biodynamic farming principles which focuses on soil health and sustainability. Once you try them, we think you'll agree that we grow very flavourful and vibrant vegetables.

If you are new to the term CSA, there is an excellent explanation graciously offered by our web host, of what community-supported agriculture is and the benefits at the CSA link above. Helping local farms keeps money in our community and is part of the process of creating a new and better normal. 

Meet Your Farmer

Jillian Started Crooked Goat with an amazing partner in 2014 while she was looking for some land to grow enough vegetables to can and freeze for her family. After talking, they discovered they both had a dream to start an organic farm. 

Both were disillusioned by the way the current food system is operating.  They decided to see how feasible the idea was. In early spring of 2014 they broke new ground on what was horse pasture. The idea was to make lots of mistakes quickly and to learn from them, but most importantly to see if they could consistently provide food every week for 20 weeks to some close friends and family.

On November 8th, 2014 the season ended very successfully. There were challenges for sure, but nothing that was insurmountable. At that point they decided to grow commercially in 2015.  2015 was even more successful than 2014. 

After a hiatus, Crooked Goat will be resuming production in 2019.  The new farm is in an area that will allow growth and quite possibly new products in the future.

How We Farm

Crooked Goat Garden follows Organic principles and some Biodynamic methods. We are not certified organic but we believe it is important that we provide the freshest, tastiest, most nutrient dense vegetables that we can grow. We believe it is imperative to also be good stewards of the land.